October 24

Three Ways To Care For Your Garden

There it is, you have finally built you very own garden. It took a lot of time and effort, but you are very happy with what you have managed to accomplish. After all, you spent months deciding on how you want it to look like, what kind of plants and flowers it should have and what other things you can put around it. Now that you are going about caring for your garden daily, you are wondering if there are things you need to keep in mind to keep your garden looking beautiful. Well not to worry, here are some tips to help you care for your garden.

Ensure that your plants have protection built around it

Surrounding all your plants with garden mulch is the best way to add protection to everything you have planted in your garden. According to about home, gardening services Perth actually refers to any kind of material spread over the surface of the soil in order to cover it. The purpose of this is to help retain moisture in the soil, prevent the growth of weeds and maintain cool temperature in the soil.

There are various kinds of materials that can be used to make your very own garden mulch. However, organic materials are recommended since they help enhance the soil’s fertility when they decompose. Some of these common organic materials include compost, composted manure, grass clippings, shredded leaves, straw and bark. Moreover, keep in mind that the drier then it is, the slower it will take to decompose and the less nutrients it will be able to give to the soil.

Ensure that your plants have enough access to light

Depending on the kind of plants and flowers that you have planted, they may either be requiring direct sunlight or diffused light, which is done using a sheer curtain or screen. If you have no idea what kind of light your plants and flowers require, do not be afraid to ask a professional for help and recommendations.

Keep your plants and flowers hydrated with water

Having a watering hose or water wand in your garden is very helpful in ensuring that your plants get enough water everyday. Just remember that different plants and flowers have different levels of water needs so be sure to remember how much water they need each day to avoid over watering any of them.

Give your plants like warm water. Cold water can shock your plant’s roots. Also, make sure that your potted plants have a drainage hole.

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